Knock Knock…. LinkedIn Opens Doors for Job Opportunities

LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional networking sites. By creating a LinkedIn account, you are able to build and maintain a professional profile that showcases your education, work, and volunteer experiences, as well as your leadership, talents and other skills and abilities. Your LinkedIn profile serves as your online resume.


Utilizing LinkedIn to highlight your achievements and skills is highly valuable, especially when potential employers search for you on the Internet. Your online presence can help employers determine if you would be a good fit to work for their company.


I’ve had a LinkedIn account for about a year now and it has already opened doors to job opportunities for me. Just a few days ago, I received a message from the CEO of Health and Fitness Staffing, a promotional staffing agency in Merced that focuses on health and fitness products and services. The CEO informed me that she had an open position in her company and, based on my profile, she thought I’d be a great fit for the position. My LinkedIn profile advertised my involvement as a Peer Health Educator at UC Merced, so this employer was able to see that I was qualified for her open position.


When I received this message from a CEO, I was immediately in shock. This was the first time an employer had ever contacted me to request an interview; usually it’s the other way around. Although I am still contemplating whether or not I am interested in pursuing the position, I will take this as a learning experience to further build my professional presence through LinkedIn. I’ve learned firsthand how valuable an online professional profile can be. Learn from my experience and polish up your LinkedIn account today, because the next person who views your profile could be a recruiter or CEO with a job opportunity, waiting to knock on your door.



It’s Okay to Say No

Written By: Laura Li

Center for Career & Professional Advancement, STEM Career Consultant

The pace of this semester has rapidly increased compare to any previous semester that I’ve encountered. It’s almost  as if all these task were clumped up together and given to me at the same time. This is my second year taking on two jobs along with class assignments to turn in, exams to take, workshops/events to prepare. I love being involved but lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. I believe my problem is that I can never say “no.” Although, I’ve always been the type of a person who want to take on the world with one hand and enjoying the challenge that comes along with it, sometimes, it is ok to say “no.”

Recently, I was taking part on a lead role in a project at work when I realized I was short on time to complete the project because the time slot fell between the week I had presentations and midterms. I always told myself that school always comes first so I needed to do something. The most difficult part for me was to tell my supervisor that I was no longer able to take lead on this project. While saying no at work may not seem like a wise choice, keep in mind that taking on more work than you can complete is worse. You never want to tell your supervisor or boss “no” without giving any reasoning. You want to make sure to learn how to reshape and refine the request  instead of using the word “no,” be honest and propose an alternative solution. Remember, honesty is the best policy. I told my supervisor  that due to time constraints regarding my academic performance, I didn’t have time to help out with the project but proposed an idea for one of my co-workers who expressed interest to take my position. It is important to be cautious when accepting multiple tasks  because then you may be turning in work that you can’t complete.

The Next Big Thing

By: Laura Li

Center for Career & Professional Advancement, STEM Career Consultant

I must say, reflecting back on my journey here at UC Merced, there have been a plethora of wonderful and exciting moments that I’ve been lucky to experience. Since this will be my final chapter, I want to embark on new adventures and experiences before it all comes to end. For quite some time now, my long-term career interest was to be working in the medical field, specifically, as a physician assistant. I’ve always had the passion to help others, whether it was volunteering and giving back to the community or simply being a helpful hand when a friend of colleague needed me. Continue reading

Summer Internships: How to Land a Summer Interview

Summer internships are short-term experiences that provide a real insight into what it is actually like working in a specific job or career that you are interested in. The time period of summer internships begin in late May or early June and last up until August. Some internships are paid and others or not, it just varies on the companies that you apply for. Internships provide students with the opportunity to gain relevant knowledge and skills required in the field that they may potentially want to go into, gain more networks, and also build their resume. Being able to gain experiences through internships and making professional contacts are good tools for getting a job right after graduating college.

Make a List: This can help you organize and figure out what you want to do. It helps you highlight your interest and focus on what you want to learn. Take note of a few companies that you would like to work for and jot down some key points to your search such as (1)What town or area the company is located in?, (2) Is the position paid?, (3) Is this a full time or part time position?, etc. By making a list and comparing your search, you can narrow down your choices.

Continue reading

How LinkedIn Can Boost Your Career

What is LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is a social networking site that is geared towards professionals in a business oriented way. It is designed to establish connections to expand your networking reach online. Users are also able to create a personal profile where they are able to promote their skills, previous employment, and knowledge in a professional background. It allows members to get in contact with previous and current colleagues, search for new job opportunities and networks. As you begin to connect with people that you know, you can see who is connected with them and so on. LinkedIn users exchange information and ideas to help further their careers to reach their professional goals. This network is strongly utilized by research a variety of different employment and other opportunities. Continue reading

New Beginnings

Its funny how a start of something new also means the loss of another…

By: Laura Li

Center for Career and Professional Advancement, STEM Career Consultant

Reminiscing to the beginning of this semester, I was really looking forward to the new school year. I was excited to meet new colleagues, gain new experiences and continue on with my journey here at UC Merced. During the first couple of weeks of the semester, I was running around all over campus, attending meetings and workshop, brainstorming ideas for upcoming events, adaptating to my new classes and work schedule, as well getting accustomed to my new job as a Career Consultant. Being held accountable for all these commitments that I agreed to take on was challenging because I didn’t want to let anyone down. I knew that I had it in me to accomplish all of these tasks and was determined to do so.  Just when everything seemed to be going as planned, things took a complete turn. Continue reading