Now Hiring Seasonal Employees

Elizabeth O'Kane

Elizabeth O’Kane, Media Assistant

Winter break is fast approaching and that means nearly a month without pay (if you have an on-campus job).  The holidays can be expensive and most of us are waiting on that refund check come January.  But don’t fret; let me share a little secret with you.  There is a little piece of heaven called a seasonal job.  Whether you’re bored over break, looking to spice up your resume or just need the cash, take a look at the seasonal jobs available in your hometown. Continue reading


Social Media Bust!

A few weeks ago, I received an email and call from my supervisor, “letting me know” that all my personal Facebook posts were getting redirected to the Career Services Center twitter account.  For those who did not experience this personal catastrophe, there were a couple pictures of my dog and a post asking for help in one of my classes.  Some say I dodged a bullet, because none of the posts were inappropriate for the workplace.  Since I have been working at Career Services, I always try to keep that in mind when posting.  I have learned that Facebook can never be trusted and is never the place to let off steam.  I understand we are in college and our lively personal lives can sometimes get the best of us.  But who are we to blame, this is our time to venture out, discover ourselves and figure out where we fit in this world.  So let me tell you, mistakes happen everyday, but prepare for these mistakes.  So next time you post, think; would you say the same thing in front of your friends, family and even your boss?   Continue reading

Honestly Happy

Elizabeth Okane UC Merced Career Center, Media Assistant

Elizabeth O’kane
UC Merced Career Center, Media Assistant

I started at UC Merced Fall 2009 as a Biological Sciences major.  I was excited and motivated to get straight A’s.  I assumed that since I went to a private college-prep high school, that college would be a breeze.  Boy, was I wrong.  I ended up failing my first semester.  I was extremely discouraged and didn’t know what to do.  Yes, I found the subject matter interesting, but I could not keep up with the material.  Balancing school, work, and personal life became too overwhelming.  For the past few months, I kept asking myself, “Am I happy?”  I would tell myself yes, because I was making other people happy.  I clearly did not know what happiness was.  After barely passing my classes, I finally decided to change my major.  As far as what career I want to pursue, I had no idea.  What I did know is that I enjoyed working with people, being inventive and artistic.  But how was I going to pursue these passions without becoming a starving artist?  Money drives most people and I am one of them.  I work hard to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.  Comfortable meaning I have a working cell phone, I can afford to eat daily, and I am able to drive wherever my heart desires.  With these personal requirements, I knew I needed to succeed in my career and becoming an artist was too risky.

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